Lock ‘n’ Load Synthetic GCL


Apply this super premium synthetic gun cleaner and lubricant in one application and watch your weapon shine and shoot better than new. Not only is it made of the finest synthetics, it?s virtually non-toxic! Lock-n-Load Synthetic Gun Cleaner and Lubricant is an environmentally friendly product made from an advanced synthetic base and blended with the finest additives to clean, free stuck parts, lubricate, and protect against rust and corrosion.


  • Cleans as it lubricates, then stays in place by penetrating into the metal.?
  • Safe to use on any finish AND on wood or synthetic stocks!
  • Removes copper, powder and other deposits.
  • Dry Lubricant, WILL NOT gather dirt or dust
  • Removes/prevents rust, stops pitting
  • Seasons the barrel with every shot.
  • Provides a tighter shot pattern
  • Increases Velocity
  • Virtually non-toxic
  • Proudly made in the Southeast USA!!
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0.5 oz Lock 'n' Load Synthetic GCL, 2 oz Lock 'n' Load Synthetic GCL, 8 oz Lock 'n' Load Bottle Synthetic GCL, 32 oz Lock 'n' Load Bottle Synthetic GCL, 1 Gallon Lock 'n' Load Synthetic GCL, 5 Gallon Lock 'n' Load Synthetic GCL


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